A cattle rancher is someone who raises cattle for meat or dairy products. Ranching is a centuries-old practice that has been integral to the economy and culture of many countries. In the United States, cattle ranching began in the 1600s with the importation of Spanish cattle. Today, there are more than 2 million cattle ranches in the United States, and the industry employs more than a million people. Cattle ranching is a complex operation that involves breeding, grazing, slaughter, and processing. Ranching operations vary in size and scope, but all must carefully manage their resources to ensure a profitable business. Good cattle ranching requires a deep understanding of animal husbandry and land management. Ranchers must be able to breed animals that will thrive in the local environment and graze them on pastureland without damaging the delicate ecosystem. Slaughter and processing are also vital components of the cattle ranching business. Ranchers must work with slaughterhouses and processors to ensure that their beef meets food safety standards and is of high quality.  What do you think of this definition? Do you agree with this? Do you think that being a rancher involves much more? What would you add or take away from what I just wrote?