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No fees on unsold animals.
10% commission on all animals that sell.
Bidders cannot bid on their own animals.

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Get to know a little about LivestockCity's history.

After a long break from it, Jim White, Co-Founder of LivestockCity, decided to bring back the sale he was known for in the llama industry, the March Madness Sale. Prior to working on LivestockCity, Jim and his co-founder, Brian, ran a couple sites called LlamaSalesList.Com and AlpacaSalesList.Com. Starting in 2003, Jim first created LlamaSalesList as a site for breeders to post llamas they wanted to sell. Then in the fall of 2004, LlamaSalesList.Com hosted their first online auction. The following spring of 2005, they offered their first March Madness sale. These sales ran until around 2011, when Jim and Brian started thinking about creating a new site that would eventually be known as LivestockCity. The March Madness sale was usually the first sale of the year in the llama industry during those years.

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