Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to consign to the auction?
There is no charge to enter an animal/item in the sale. 10% of the sale price is charged as commission on all sold animals/items. There are no entry fees on animals/items. There are no fees on animals/items that didn't sell before, during, or after the sale ended or from not being discovered at LivestockCity.
What methods of payment are accepted for purchases?
All payments are made through Stripe payments and there is a 3% processing fee on all purchases. Stripe accepts all credit cards.
Are there any guarantees for the animals or items in the sales?
It's impossible for LivestockCity to offer guarantees on animals/items in the sales. Bidders are strongly encouraged to do research on the animal/items that interest them, ask the seller questions, etc.
My animal/item didn't sell during the auction, but one week later, I was contacted by someone that said they saw the animal/item on LivestockCity website or content post, and they purchased the animal/item. Is commission due?
In this case, yes, because the sale occurred as a result of being in our sale, per our Terms And Agreement. Any sale that happens from exposure that LivestockCity provided would constitute commission due.
What is a proxy bid?
A proxy bid is a maximum price you are willing to pay that you can enter in advance. The auction platform will bid on your behalf, using the minimum amount needed to win. Once the amount is reached, your bids will end.
What is a reserve price?
A reserve price is the minimum price a seller will sell an animal/item. They are not required, but they do protect the seller from selling an animal/item too cheaply.
How do proxy bids work when there are reserve prices?
When a buyer enters a proxy bid, they are willing to bid up to that amount. When a seller enters a reserve price, that is the minimum price required to win. During the auction, if the bidder enters a proxy bid, (an amount higher than the current bid, if any), that amount is compared to the reserve price. If the reserve price has already been reached, the minimum amount required to win will automatically bid on buyer's behalf. If there reserve has not been reached and the proxy bid is lover than the reserve, the entire proxy amount will be bid.
With one minute left in the auction, I placed a winning bid. When the timer ran out, the auction did not end-it extended-why is that?
Any time there is a bid submitted in the final few minutes, the auction automatically extends for 5 more minutes. The reason is to prevent "sniping", where bidders wait until the last second to submit a bid in hopes of winning without a bidding war. We don't believe the winner should be determined by who has the faster click, but by who wants the animal/item the most.
Can I bid on my own animal/ item?
Sorry, you cannot bid on your own consignments. The auction site is set up to prevent this.
I won but didn't pay fast enough and now the payment period has ended. I can't send payment. What can I do?
If you missed the 48 hour payment period, you are NOT necessarily free of obligation to buy, as it is a legally binding agreement. The seller would have options: 1) They have the right to legally enforce the purchase 2) They can allow you more time to pay (commission would still be charged to the seller), or 3) The seller can free of you obligation and consider another buyer's offer.
Where can I see the auction rules?
The auction rules are included in the Terms and Conditions for the site. There are terms specific to the auction in a separate section for auctions.